Our mission is to fight fuel poverty by generating local, renewable power

We are SE1 Solar, a community benefit society based in London.
We install solar panels on unused roof spaces in our neighbourhood.
Local businesses buy this green power, helping them cut their carbon emissions. 

And we use the profits to help people in our community living in fuel poverty.  

We’re looking for volunteers and organisations who can help us with our ambitious plans.

Will you join us on our journey? 

Get involved

Do you want to help build our community benefit society? We need volunteers, board directors, and of course, we need local people with a passion for green energy. We need a wide range of skills so please get in touch. .

Our objectives

Reduce energy costs for our neighbourhood

Make cheaper, cleaner energy accessible to people in our community, so that no-one has to choose between keeping the lights on and putting food on the table.

Generate green power in SE1

Empower our community to produce solar power and reduce wasted energy, so that we can be more self-sufficient and save money.

Cut pollution and our impact on the environment

Cut cost, waste and pollution and reduce SE1’s carbon footprint, doing our bit to create a better world for ourselves and our children


As a community benefit society (CBS), SE1 Solar is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable energy to our local community, while promoting sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment

We believe that by investing in SE1 Solar, you can play an essential role in powering a sustainable future for our community and beyond.

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