Blue skies across the City of London

As a community benefit society (CBS), SE1 Solar is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable energy to our local community, while promoting sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. We believe that by investing in SE1 Solar, you can play an essential role in powering a sustainable future for our community and beyond.

Why Invest in SE1 Solar?
  • Community Impact: Your investment in SE1 Solar goes directly towards developing local capability to produce renewable energy and improve energy efficiency in our community. By investing, you are helping to create positive environmental and social impacts, reducing pollution, and supporting local resilience.
  • Financial Returns: Investing in SE1 Solar offers the potential for financial returns, allowing you to earn dividends on your investment while contributing to a sustainable cause. As a CBS, our surpluses are reinvested for the benefit of the local community in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and nature projects.
  • Social Responsibility: By investing in SE1 Solar, you are aligning your investment portfolio with your values and promoting social responsibility. Our pioneering approach to rooftop solar and community engagement with renewable energy makes us a unique and impactful investment opportunity for those who care about the environment and the well-being of our community.
How to Invest

Investing in SE1 Solar is easy and accessible. We welcome investments from our members, as well as from individuals, organizations, and high net worth individuals who share our vision and values. Our investment process is transparent, and we provide detailed information and support to our investors.

Invest in SE1 Solar and Join Us in Powering a Sustainable Future!

Ready to make a difference and invest in our solar energy initiative? Join us in building a cleaner, more sustainable future for our community and beyond. To learn more about our investment opportunities and how you can invest in SE1 Solar, please contact us at