Our focus

SE1 Solar is exploring several ways to bring Solar energy to more of our community. Working in partnership with a local Tenant Managed Housing provider we aim to install solar panels on abundant rooftop space on top of blocks of flats. As well as installing and maintaining the energy, SE1 Solar aims to brings skills to the community to grow other sustainable options.

Rooftop solar

With solar panels costs reducing year, there is a huge opportunity to produce more of our energy on rooftops. New buildings today often make use of the opportunity to install solar panels, but there is abundant existing rooftop space, most of which is often completely unused.

SE1 Solar’s first project is to develop proposals for rooftop solar on estates in SE1. We will:

  • Develop proposals for rooftop solar on top of buildings in the SE1 area
  • Raise funds for the installation of solar panels and associated infrastructure
  • Manage the distribution of the affordable energy to the local community

Community outreach

While developing our initial projects SE1 Solar aims to grow a community with the expertise and networks to develop further solar schemes. In the long-term we aim to empower the community to develop a range of approaches to sustainability including:

  • Energy effieicy in homes
  • Heat production and storage
  • Improving local biodiversity

We need your support

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