The Solar Revolution

Electricity from the sun is clean and green and right here in the UK capacity is set to grow almost five-fold over the next 12 years!

It’s hard to believe the sun is set to be one of our biggest sources of electricity, but it’s already the most popular low-carbon energy source.

We all know the sun doesn’t always shine and there’s a lot less in the winter, so the industry is coming up with clever ways to store surplus power.

When solar generation is going full blast in the middle of summer, there is often more electricity than the country can use. Generators either have to be switched off or the surplus energy used for something else.

On a big scale, there are plans to use it to make green hydrogen which is stored and then used at night, or in the winter to power electricity generators. It can also be used to pump water uphill for hydropower, or to compress air that can also drive generators – the options are endless.

On a smaller scale, solar can power home heat pumps really cheaply or heat up hot water tanks in the middle of the day to keep the heating going through the night. Big home batteries are also becoming more and more affordable.

SE1 Solar are installing solar panels on the flat roofs of council estates here in SE1. We’ll supply green electricity to local businesses at the times they need it, using battery storage. We’re partnering with Repowering London, who are helping us do this.

We’ll use the money we generate to help local families to ease fuel poverty.

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